Dione Bethel grew up watching his father, Chris, play the piano at church and at home. It didn’t take long for Dione to begin exploring his own talents on the keys, learning to play music by ear. At the age of 11, he began playing alongside his father in the church.

When he’s not jamming on the keyboard with House of Bethel, Dione currently works as a network administrator and lives in Columbia, South Carolina, with his wife, Amira, and child.


Justin’s first drum set? Pots and pans underneath the kitchen sink. It didn’t take too many dirty dishes for his father to decide it was time for the real thing.

Like his brothers, Justin was always taught that practice makes perfect, and this philosophy helped him to become both a talented drummer and athlete. In 2012, Justin was drafted into the NFL by the Arizona Cardinals. He continues to lend his gifts in music to the House of Bethel.


With piano and drums already covered by his older brothers, Gabriel needed his own instrument to round out the band. He decided to choose the trumpet.

Gabriel attended the University of South Carolina to cultivate his musical talents, honing his craft and learning how to compose. He graduated with his music degree with an emphasis in Jazz studies and applied those skills to writing and playing for House of Bethel.